About Hartenlust Group

The Hartenlust Group is an independent, self-funded investment company founded by Xeno Grimmelt and Jelle Elzinga – two friends who met at Nyenrode University over two decades ago. Their career paths have since then gone separate ways, both attaining specific knowledge in diverse professional fields. They’ve made a long treasured ambition come true founding the Hartenlust Group – where their passion for growth, creativity and entrepreneurship is at the heart of every action. With the Hartenlust Group, we focus on the development of medium-sized companies. By sharing our capital, acquired expertise and extensive network, we ensure the development of your business to result in optimal performance – or as we like to say; next level performance. Our entrepreneurial and corporate backgrounds combined cover both ends of a wide spectrum of expertise, allowing us to understand and to foresee the operational challenges in the process of expanding your company’s potential to its utmost.

Our principles

The Hartenlust Group principles are essential to the development of your business and contribute to the achievement of your goals. Our support and engagement ensures stable growth, initiates innovation and opens the way to new business opportunities.

Personal growth

Your company can only be taken to the next level when you have taken the next step as a business professional. Our experience allows us to guide and to assist you and your team in this profound process.

Knowledge and Network

Our investments aren’t merely measured in numbers and figures. We actively create new business opportunities by sharing our network and our expertise in a wide variety of areas. A future-proof vision and focussed execution are essential but it is the timely awareness of pitfalls and opportunities that often makes the difference.

Next level performance

It is our mission to utilize your company’s full potential to achieve next level performance. We establish this by developing a future-proof vision and focussed execution by refining business models, attracting extraordinary talent and smoothening out business processes.

When writing a new chapter, it’s important to know how the story develops. It prevents unintended plot turns.

Our Team

Our fields of expertise and diverse characters form a balanced mix of complementary qualities.

Xeno Grimmelt

After attaining his Master of Business Administration from Nyenrode University – where Xeno and Jelle became close friends – Xeno took on a traineeship at Pon Holdings, one of the largest family-owned businesses in the Netherlands and abroad. After 10 years of MD roles, he became CEO for various business groups (€1-3Bn in revenue) like Automotive Wholesale, M.A.N. Western Europe and the self-built global Bicycles division. Xeno has over 20 years of experience in international trade, consumer marketing & sales, supply chain management and business strategy development. He has led various acquisitions and integrations of multiple international privately owned companies and has successfully delisted a small cap German AG as chairman of its supervisory board. Dealing with the dynamics of a company that seeks to achieve their next level of growth and performance is a process that Xeno understands profoundly. Xeno is a creative strategic thinker who loves to challenge entrepreneurs and their teams. After many years on a senior executive level in an international corporate environment, the urge for entrepreneurship brought Xeno and Jelle together to found the Hartenlust Group. His adventurous mind-set is reflected in his leisure travels – from encountering mountain gorillas in Uganda to exploring the salt lake deserts in the Andes – of course preferably with his wife and daughters.

Jelle Elzinga

Jelle and Xeno have known each other and remained friends from the day they met at Nyenrode University. Three years later, pocketing his Bachelor of Business Administration, Jelle started as a market maker in derivatives with Optiver on the now named Nyse Euronext in Amsterdam and Eurex in Frankfurt. Three years later, Jelle became a partner in Optiver. In 1997, he moved to Sydney where he spent the following couple of years developing Optiver’s Australian market making activities and expanding Optiver to other Asian markets. Around the millennium, he returned to Amsterdam to join Probrokerage as its general director, before returning to the trading activities of Optiver. Jelle has been a member of the Global Management Committee of Optiver, before making his long lasting ambition come true by founding the Hartenlust Group with Xeno. Here he gained in-depth knowledge in a diversity of fields ranging from interaction with financial institutions to business development, resulting in an impressive growth of the organisation. Jelle has extensive experience in the interaction with exchanges and clearing organizations, international partnerships and joint-ventures. He also has been Chairman of the supervisory board of TOM holding and a member of numerous Boards and Committees deciding over a variety of global activities. Jelle has three children, likes golf, running and cycling, but is most passionate about ice-skating marathons.

Emma Peereboom

Emma started working as an assistant accountant at Deloitte & Touche the day after she graduated. Seven years later, she wanted to experience the job from another perspective and joined a housing corporation, where she was head of the administration and handled internal affairs. In 1999, she became responsible for the administration of Martinair partyservice. After this, she decided to take a short sabbatical, but quickly went back to work at Van Ooijen accountants. Here she became a team leader and relationship manager. Emma met Jelle while she worked at Van Ooijen, where Emma stayed until 2012, simultaneously maintaining her freelance accountancy activities with her own accountancy office; Het Administratie Atelier. Due to several changes and circumstances, she developed an interest in the healthcare sector, and took on the function of financial controller at healthcare institution PartiCura. Today, Emma balances the heart of the Hartenlust Group. Emma has a keen eye for figures – with an accuracy stretching a vast number of decimals – and likes to dance lindyhop.

Our partners

Latest news

Hartenlust Group successfully merges its asset “Troostwijk Auctions” with “BVA Auctions”.

Hartenlust Group successfully merges its asset “Troostwijk Auctions” with “BVA Auctions”.


Xeno Grimmelt, one of the two founders and partner of Hartenlust Group, states that Bencis Capital Partners and Hartenlust Group worked together in good cooperation with both management teams in order to bring the two European market leaders in auctioning together. Xeno Grimmelt: “we were looking at this opportunity from the start. We believe that consolidation of professional auctioning platforms is a logical next step. Transforming auctioning from traditional offline and inefficient exchanges into scalable online tech companies, being able to connect sellers and buyers from all over the world in a transparent and efficient way instead of working from a Rolodex, has been the name of the game the last decade. The next step to grow faster and assure best customer satisfaction is to combine IT budgets, client bases, vertical expertise and last but definitely not least scarce skilled resources who truly understand the business of our clients and create the best, tailor made way to turn assets into liquidity”.


Market studies show that auctioning – as a way of selling – is growing fast compared to direct sales between sellers and buyers. Market places bring these parties together but are less transaction driven than auctioning platforms. Xeno Grimmelt: “the rules of engagement of marketplaces are often unclear and lack track record, also because the screening of assets, sellers and buyers is not done properly on a marketplace. That is also causing the difference in charged service fees by market places and auction platforms. The more effort and expertise, the higher the result, one could say.”


Troostwijk and BVA have built up a strong business in the Netherlands and Belgium. Growth opportunities for this new combination lie especially in Germany where both companies have strong footholds with Dechow and Troostwijk Germany. And since professional auctioning as a way of turning assets into liquidity is conquering the rest of Europe, the existing footprint in 18 European countries seems ready for it!


Hartenlust wishes the new combination and its management lots of success with this new challenge.


Official press release

Troostwijk and BVA merge – “Joining forces to create Europe’s best online auction platform”


Auctio, with Dutch BVA Auctions as its best known online auction house, and Troostwijk Auctions & Valuations have announced they will merge to form Europe’s largest online auction platform. “A logical step”, say CEOs Ghislaine Duijmelings (Troostwijk) and Herberth Samsom (Auctio). “We are merging our technologies, auction expertise and market knowledge. Our buyers will now find even more items that interest them. And our sellers will instantly reach an even larger, more international buying public. Our experts know exactly where to find the right buyers.”


One company, multiple houses
“Technology, data and marketing are increasingly relevant to auctioning. We are now pooling our expertise and investments into holding company TBAuctions”, says Samsom. “Troostwijk and BVA will continue to be our primary houses. We are a perfect match: together, we have something for every buyer. We take a data-driven approach to determine what house and which channels will allow us to achieve the best result.”


“We currently auction over 1.5 million items (lots) each year, in over 6,700 auctions. We have offices in 18 countries, and our buyers come from all over the world. Every month, we receive more than 6 million visitors and almost 100 million pageviews. Buying and placing bids securely are major concerns for buyers. We’re an excellent alternative to regular sales channels: that’s because we offer buyers a huge selection along with the thrill of the bidding process.”


A genuine partner
Duijmelings: “Another one of our strengths is the personal approach we take towards our partners. For example, we help companies achieve their overarching goals: to be a healthier business, to create space for investing and reinvesting and to become more flexible so they can keep on top of market developments. All of this is easier when you have a trusted partner who helps you capitalize on the value of your assets – because everything has value.”


Focus on specific sectors
The company is sharpening its focus on specific industries and growth sectors throughout Europe. To name a few: art and antiques; real estate; agriculture; metalworking; food-processing; construction; infrastructure; logistics and transport. Samsom: “Auctions are still a relatively new way of selling in some countries and industry sectors. We want to reach these sectors and firmly establish auctioning as the ultimate way to sell. Our 350-member team is ready to help them cash in on the value of their assets.”


About TBAuctions
With its flagship online auction houses Troostwijk Auctions & Valuations and BVA Auctions, TBAuctions is the largest online auctioning platform in Europe. TBAuctions sells real and personal property on behalf of third parties, achieving the best results in the market. With experts in every industry, TBAuctions offers a fast, secure and transparent auctioning experience.


Facts and figures:

  • 5 million items (lots) annually
  • 6,700 auctions annually
  • Offices in 18 countries
  • Buyers from all over the world (over 120 countries)


www.troostwijkauctions.com en www.bva-auctions.com

Hartenlust Group sold its participation in Emark to Wunderman.

BLOEMENDAAL, Netherlands, 25 September, 2018

Hartenlust Group sold its participation in Emark to Wunderman, a leading global digital agency and a WPP company.

Hartenlust Group Partner, Xeno Grimmelt said: “since we acquired our stake in Emark in 2015, it’s management has achieved strong growth and gained dominance in this field. Supporting the Emark team for 3 years was an amazing journey and we are convinced that Emark will continue to grow within the Wunderman/WPP family. Attracting the best experts and solution architects in order to service their customers is essential and the Wunderman community will support that.”


This week Wunderman announced it has acquired a majority stake in Emark, the marketing technology performance company that delivers marketing and advertising technology solutions for data-driven and personalized customer interaction. Emark will help further strengthen the agency’s growing global Salesforce practice.


Emark delivers Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Service Cloud, DMP, and advertising technology such as Facebook Advertising and Google Ads, as a single, integrated solution. Emark is recognized as a preeminent provider of Salesforce multi-cloud strategy and solutions in Europe, with a strong Marketing Cloud pedigree.


Founded in 2000, Emark employs around 120 people and is headquartered in Haarlem, Netherlands with international offices located in Barcelona, London and Poland. The company serves a wide range of clients across sectors including Basic-Fit, Bugaboo, ECCO Shoes, Marks & Spencer, Randstad, Scotch & Soda, Takeaway.com and The Macallan.


Wunderman’s UK Group CEO and Global CTO, Stephan Pretorius said: “We have been following Emark’s stellar progress for the past three years and are delighted to have them join the Wunderman family. With our clients’ growing demand for Salesforce’s data-driven customer engagement solutions, Emark brings highly specialized capabilities that are key to business growth. Like us, they’re true martech geeks and fantastic entrepreneurs.”


Emark CEO, Eric Verhage said: “This is an exciting time for Emark. The combination of products, services and global scale we can deliver together with Wunderman is a leap forward. We will continue to build on our multi-cloud Salesforce offering to create a powerhouse that brings the right capabilities to customers. We are honored to become part of this growing organization.”


Emark Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Ubbo Maagdenberg said: “We help companies to define and execute their digital strategy from day one. From finding valuable prospects to converting them into new customers and keeping them engaged throughout their digital lifecycle. With vision, process and technology, we help marketers to put customers at the center of everything they do. We are excited to take our expertise and combine it with Wunderman’s practice to become the global leaders in Salesforce marketing technology solutions.”


Tyler Prince, Executive Vice President, Industries and Partners, Salesforce said: “We are thrilled about the growth and success of the Salesforce partner ecosystem around the globe, and this partnership is just the latest example of how these innovative companies are leveraging our platform to find customer success. I’m excited to see how Wunderman and Emark deliver even more powerful and engaging experiences to their customers in the region.”